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Gorge Waterway Course 

Established in 1992, the prestigious Brown Cup race between the powerhouse University of Victoria and the University of British Columbia runs annually in the last week of March.  

The race has been run on both the Gorge Waterway in Victoria and the Fraser River in Richmond.   Historic times tend to vary as the course has changed over the years.  Recent efforts to stabilize a neutral course has moved the course to the Victoria inner harbour for a five year period. 

The course runs from a standing start near the Tillicum narrows. Crews cut through the narrows and achieve their first timed waypoint (1.3km) at the Selkirk Trestle where the course gives the advantage to the crew on the inside of the corner on the Esquimalt side.  From there a 600m push with an advantage to the Victoria side to the Bay Street Bridge leads into an 850m straight to the iconic Johnson Street Bridge. The last 750m push crosses through the Victoria inner harbour airport to the finish line located in front to the SteamShip Grill restaurant.  

The Campbell-Dowd cup, a reserve race founded in 2011named after Joe Dowd and Howie Campbell, has traditionally run the same course as the varsity Brown Cup race. 

BROWN CUP Race Course Final.png
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