Our Purpose
Brown Cup Uvic v UBC March 30, 2019 ©Kev

To elevate the Brown Cup to one of the highest profile races in Canada.  This event has a fantastic history with stories of human endeavor based on a simple rivalry. 

Our Ambition
Brown Cup Uvic v UBC March 30, 2019 ©Kev

To use the Brown Cup race to increase the relevance of university rowing in Canada.

Our Strategic Pillars

We aim to make our Purpose and Ambition a reality by delivering against our three strategic pillars:

Support The Inner Harbour 

The Brown Cup is located on a neutral body of water that has generously worked to manage the inner harbour access for the participants. Critical to the success of the event is the sustainability of that relationship.

Formalize The Brown Cup Society 

Over the last decade the event has been elevated to a level beyond that which the host university can meaningfully handle without impacting the preparation of the athletes for the race.  To retain the reputation of the race we need continued focus on operational excellence in all aspects of what we do. We need to deliver a well-organized, safe race for the students and the clubs, while creating an inclusive and engaging experience for the wider Brown Cup family.

Competition & Athletic Development

The rivalry between UBC and UVIC continues to ensure that development and drive in both programs are accelerated by the Brown Cup Race. Athletes and coaches alike continue to push the limit on what is possible in training and competition.

Honour                     Teamwork                     Excellence